We Love Looe

We Love Looe puts a fresh spin on some of the classic myths and legends of the Cornish seaside town of Looe.

The book uses hand-painted artwork to bring to life the rich heritage of the picturesque resort, which was once a haven for smugglers and prone to visits from kidnapping pirates.

Among the stories contained in the book is how, in 1625, Looe Town Council announced it would compensate the families of local fishermen who were kidnapped by pirates from the Barbary Coast in Africa.

There is the tale of how the spire of Duloe Church came to be leaning as a result of smugglers storing so much contraband that it warped the foundations in the 19th century.

And then there is a haunting story of the exceedingly tall ghost of Looe Island, and how a recent archaeological dig unearthed a very large skeleton.

Book Launch

We Love Looe was launched in two book launches held at Plymouth University and the Guildhall in Looe during May 2010.

We Love Looe

We Love Looe

We Love Looe Booklaunch

We Love Looe


We Love Looe was sponsored by the Experiential Learning CETL (Centre of Excellence in Teaching & Learning) at Plymouth University. Among the key aims of the CETL, which was funded by HEFCE from 2005-2009, was providing expertise in developing experiential learning opportunities and creating innovative teaching approaches.

We Love Looe was also supported by Proof of Concept Funding by Plymouth University. This funding is available to university staff and students to help improve and test their business ideas, for example taking an idea to the marketplace or funding market research, patent protection costs and prototype build.

The Team

Charlotte Chase

Oliver Goodson

Illustrator We Love Looe

Looe Community College

We Love Looe