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Trufflehog has four books for sale. All profits from book sales go towards new books.

All About Plymouth’s Past(ies)

A Story of Plymouth’s past(ies) tells some fascinating tales about pasty bakers from one hundred years ago, bicycle boys who once brought oggies to your door and the first local family to make their living selling just pasties and pies. Written by university students Emma Lawrence and Oliver Stephens, and illustrated by Roz Best, our book will even tell how to make – and crimp – your own classic pasty.

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Well over 150 things you need to know about Plymouth University

Plymouth University is 150 years old in 2012 and to celebrate, this book trawls through time to uncover 150 things about the University and its history that we thought people should know.

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Time-Travelling Train

Tom, our train guard is going to take you on a time-travelling adventure along the Tamar Valley Line.

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We Love Looe

We Love Looe puts a fresh spin on some of the classic myths and legends of the Cornish seaside town of Looe.

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